A Unique Private Network of Investors
In The World's Financial Centres
A Unique Private Network of Investors
In The World's Financial Centres

Our Company Mission

Introduce worthy companies to Investors with a positive mission, for a Win-Win partnership.

Our Values





Attention to Details





Focus on what will work

Benefit worthy business, investors, people, society, the environment


Have fun


Abundance mentality

Tony Chauvet

Founder of Hermes Investment Services
Tony Holds a Master's of Science Degree.

After working successfully for 14 years in the Corporate World, he started Investing and studied everything he could about Finance. He created Hermes in 2018, and he has been helping companies since.

Hermes has created a unique high value communications and relationships system to engage Investors and Partners in a way that benefits both parties.

Listen to the two Interviews below. Tony talks about the most effective ways to raise Capital fast, and the pitfalls of communicating with Investors.

Alisenga Moses

Fundraiser, LinkedIn Communications

Alisenga studied finance, and he is now helping a team of Capital Raisers in the Tech and Impact sectors in North America.

We have connected with a large quality network of companies and investors in the world's financial centers. We focus on Fintech , Blockchain , AI , Cybersecurity , ECommerce , Healthtech.

Jean-Michel Tournier

LinkedIn Expert, Advisor

In the past 6 years, Jean-Michel has done hundreds of consultations, offering and implementing PRACTICAL and ACTIONABLE steps to improve lead generation and inbound / outbound marketing.

He has perfected his breakthrough Inbound and Outbound Nurturing Marketing System called ❝BREAKING THE ICE!❞

The ❝I❞ in ICE stands for IMPRESS. You only have 6 seconds to make a good first impression; make sure it's a great one using my branding talent. The ❝C❞ and ❝E❞ in ICE stand for CONNECT and ENGAGE. This is where most marketers and consultants typically fail.