A Unique Private Network of Investors
In The World's Financial Centres
A Unique Private Network of Investors
In The World's Financial Centres


Introductions to Investors in our Private Network

Finding Capital is a specialized skill. We have worked with companies in Canada, the US, the UK, Europe, Switzerland, Australia, in the Middle East, and in Asia.

We give real attention to your company, as we only take on a limited number of clients at any given time.

Now is a good time to finance your business, and it is good to act quickly because the markets are changing.

We do all the initial work of finding the good matches for your project.

Finding the first people who want to invest in your company typically does not take too long.

Our President is a Certified Capital Raising Specialist from the Accredited Certifications Institute in the US. https://businesstraining.com/

We are looking for partners who have Integrity, a good team, and who want to make a positive difference in the world.

Types of Companies we Help

We raised for a technology firm in the USA. After a sustained effort and a marketing campaign over 3 months, we found Investors who put enough capital for the growth of the company.

An online decentralized platform in Asia came to us and we helped them raise the $1.2 Million to take their business to the next level.

We found new business partners for an AI and Fintech firm in Europe. After a campaign of 4 months, we reached the target of $10.5 Million.

What people in our network say about us?

" It's impressive to hear about your trackv recored of success in raising funds for various teams and projects. " Hamza I.

" Thanks for sharing your achievements. This is amazing. Sandeep V.

" Wow, such an amazingly supportive outreach. I look forward to the info. Cheer's and blessings to you and yours. " Vassil M.

" Your price point is competitive " . Daniel F.

" I am definitely interested. Timing is perfect. Exactly what i am looking for. Anba S."

" I like that it is not risky, and that you are confident you can bring results. " Dan G.

" This would be more structure than what we are doing. " Paul K.

" It was a pleasure speaking with you today. Your capabilities are impressive and I look forward to continuing. " Neil D.

" Wow, fantastic introduction. " Glenn S.

" Very useful. Sensible price. " Paul G.

" What you have is unique to contact investors. " Denis P.

" You are Very Professional " Raj K.

" I appreciate you have a mission and values, and that you were transparent. " David H.

" You have a smart solution compared to others " Gleb V.

" Very clear presentation and fee structure that you showed. " Ali B.

" Your model is clear and responsible. " Stephen W.

" Your service fee is very reasonable " Vinay M.

" You are unique in the space, for early stage and series A. I like the way you do business. " Nick B.

" It is refreshing that everything is clear in your process. " Ross T.

" Thank you - Glad there are people out there like you helping startups. " Pavit P.

" Thank you for reaching out. Indeed very good data about the important key points. " Vic P.

" You have good energy. " Stefano G.

" I appreciate your straightforwardness and clarity. " Ben G.

" I love what you are doing and wish you the very best. " Peter S.

" Your certification is Impressive. " Joe T.